Two seemingly unrelated links, posted without commentary

Huge construction firm uses iPads and Apple TV to save millions

Shortly after the global construction giant Balfour Beatty got the multibillion-dollar contract to rebuild two terminals at Dallas-Forth Worth airport, the company discovered an unpleasant surprise: the architectural and planning documents were expected to run to 60,000 pages…

It was time to go digital. Pistor arranged to buy about 50 iPads for the superintendents in the field, and chose Egnyte’s back-end system for storing and managing all the digital documents in digital form.

Microsoft Surface chief: Consumers were first, but focus is shifting to business

The head of Microsoft’s Surface unit said to expect updates to the Surface line that will make them more appealing to business users.

“We did design them to get consumers first… No question,” said Panos Panay, corporate vice president for Surface at Microsoft. He spoke briefly this week during Microsoft’s annual CIO Summit.

But he said that the company also had businesses in mind when building the Surface and that Microsoft is “right on the cusp” of the products being in the position to target business customers.