Daily Update: Gaming and New-Market Disruption, Why the PS4 is Winning, Uber Testing On-Demand Product Deliveries

Good morning, I trust you won’t mind a couple more items on gaming; I (obviously) find the current debate fascinating, and it’s not as if there is much happening in traditional tech land! On to the update: Gaming and New-Market Disruption The fastest growing demographic in gaming is adult females. From the Wall Street Journal:Subscribe […]

Daily Update: What Consoles Say About iPads, Uber Opens API, The Samsung Nook

Good morning, Yesterday I wrote about my changing view on consoles in a piece called Games and Good Enough. As most of you may recall, last June I argued that consoles would soon be disrupted. Now I’ve changed my mind; I suspect that consoles will in fact safely own the high end of the gamingSubscribe […]

Games and Good Enough

Two months ago I wrote How Apple TV Might Disrupt Microsoft and Sony. Then, about a month later, I went and bought a Wii U. And, a month after that, I bought a 3DS. And now I’m writing another article about gaming, and I think I’ve changed my mind. Still, it’s always dangerous to write […]

Daily Update: Print, Chinese Walls, and "Objective" Journalism; Twitter’s New Photo-removal Policies; Steve Ballmer Leaves Microsoft’s Board

Good morning, I will hopefully – finally – have a new article up later today about video games. I think you might be surprised. But now, on to the update. Print, Chinese Walls, and “Objective” Journalism Clay Shirky, who has been forecasting the death of print for years now, bemoaned the business ignorance of journalistsSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Twitter is Great for Unprofitable News, Microsoft’s Chromebook Response, Google to Offer Accounts to Children

Good morning, To be perfectly frank, it’s quite difficult to focus on writing these updates; mid-day here is midnight in Ferguson, and Twitter is incredibly compelling. So we’ll start there. On to the update. Twitter is Great for Unprofitable News Mathew Ingram wrote an article exploring why the news in Ferguson is being experienced soSubscribe […]

Podcast: This Week in Tech – It is Brisk

I joined Leo Laporte, John C. Dvorak and Jason Snell on This Week in Tech. We covered a wide range of topics, including Apple University, OnePlus’ appalling “Ladies First” contest, Facebook’s timeline algorithm, Twitter’s capacity for both good and evil, and a whole lot more. Plus murses! You can download the show here.

Daily Update: The New Structure of Mobile Gaming, The Hidden Cost of Microsoft’s Devices, Amazon Affiliate Links in the Washington Post

Note: I put the wrong link in the Daily Email for Tuesday, September 2, 2014. The daily update for that day can be found here. Good morning, I’m really glad to be back in Taiwan and look forward to being back on a regular schedule – you’ll note how much earlier this update is arriving!Subscribe […]

Podcast: Exponent Episode 013 – BuzzFeed and Native Advertising

On the newest episode of Exponent, the podcast I co-host with James Allworth: In this week’s episode we discuss feedback about Ben’s Android criticism, then dive into Andreessen Horowitz’s $50 million investment into BuzzFeed. Is there a real business here? We also discuss native advertising: Ben is quite a bit more optimistic than James. Links […]

August 15: No Daily Update Today

Hi all, By my count I’ve missed two daily updates since I started them in April, and one was the 4th of July (even had one on Memorial Day). I humbly request your forbearance for there not being one today. As noted, I’ve been traveling with the kids, and simply haven’t been able to findSubscribe […]

Daily Update: The Twitter Tradeoff, Lenovo Impresses Again, Beleaguered

Good morning, Hello from the transit hotel at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport, where I’m holed up with a couple of kids for the night. I’m looking forward to being in Taiwan tomorrow. As I noted previously, expect updates to be a little irregular for the rest of this week. Thanks for your understanding. On toSubscribe […]