Daily Update: The Long-term Prospects of AWS, Wanelo Launches In-App E-commerce

Good morning, I wrote a new piece on Stratechery yesterday: Why Uber Fights. I’ve spent a lot of time on Uber, both on the main site and here in the Daily Update, but I didn’t have one piece that lays out exactly why I – and many others – believe the company has such incredible […]

Why Uber Fights

Ride-sharing is a winner-take-all market that depends on controlling demand more than it does supply.


On the newest episode of Exponent, the podcast I co-host with James Allworth: We briefly discuss my belief in the Internet opportunity for content creators, and then dive in to the recent Uber controversy. Links Publishers and the Smiling Curve: Ben Thompson – Stratechery Differentiation and Value Capture in the Internet Age: Ben Thompson – […]

Differentiation and Value Capture in the Internet Age

The implication of the Smiling Curve is not only that aggregators have increased economic power, but that differentiated suppliers do as well; Omni Software is an example.

Daily Update: A Positive Sign for Intel, and a Bad One; Apple WatchKit

Good morning, I almost edited out the line in yesterday’s piece about Uber that stated Emil Michael would probably be fired, and I probably should have: CEO Travis Kalanick seemed to suggest in a tweetstorm that Emil Michael wasn’t going anywhere. Of course things could change, but what kind of CEO would keep someone on […]

Daily Update: The Uber Problem, Samsung’s Next Act, Nokia is Back!

Good morning, With regards to yesterday’s note on the web not being dead, John Gruber wrote a great post called Native Apps are Part of the Web; I also forgot that I wrote a guest post earlier this year defending the web for writers. Still, though, it doesn’t really matter what any of us think: […]