Podcast: Exponent Episode 004 – Technology and Politics

On the newest episode of Exponent, the podcast I co-host with James Allworth:

Are the recent debates on net neutrality, the protests of Google buses, even SOPA a sign of things to come? Building on yesterday’s article The Net Neutrality Wake-up Call, we discuss the intersection of technology and politics.

  • Why do people in technology tend to dislike politics?
  • Is net neutrality really that important and understanding open loop unbundling
  • The tech industry and creative destruction: is it good for society when companies go out of business?
  • The impact of money on politics
  • Why tech and politics are on a collision course
  • What we can do to effect change on an individual basis


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Note to listeners: the Stratechery.FM feed is now redirected to Exponent (although the archives remain on Stratechery.FM). If you have subscribed to both, just delete one or the other. Thanks!

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