Podcast: Exponent 033 – Apple Fans and the Future

On the newest episode of Exponent, the podcast I co-host with James Allworth: We discuss Apple’s recent results, why analysts get Apple wrong, the fraught nature of fans, epistemic closure, and whether the iPhone can continue to grow. Links Ben Thompson: Bad Assumptions – Stratechery Ben Thompson: Apple the Black Swan – Stratechery Ben Thompson: […]

Daily Update: Google’s Earnings, Amazon Earnings (and WorkMail)

Good morning, It’s been quite a week – tons of earnings results, not all of which I’ve gotten to (I see you, Qualcomm and Alibaba), plus lots of other interesting developments like Twitter’s product expansion, Jack Dorsey’s unprovoked defense of Twitter ahead of next week’s earnings, Microsoft’s investment into Cyanogen (not to mention inflammatory anti-GoogleSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Facebook Earnings, Naver/LINE Disappoint

Good morning, Three quick things: I wrote a bonus article – Bad Assumptions – about why so many get Apple so wrong so often. I did not email this one – it was a bonus! – so please read it on Stratechery if you have not. I think you’ll like it With regards to severalSubscribe […]

Bad Assumptions

John Gruber is, as only he can, relishing the claim chowder – his collected bits of analyst wisdom sure, again and again, that Apple is doomed. Apple, of course, is not doomed. In fact, the company is the very opposite of doomed, having just posted the best quarter of any company, ever.1 The analysts Gruber […]

Daily Update: Apple Earnings

Good morning, Today’s update is dominated by, what else, Apple’s earnings. There was other news, particularly Twitter’s introduction of native video and group messaging; I’ll try to touch on both later this week. On to the update: How Did Apple Manufacture So Many iPhones? Just hours before the earnings, I tweeted: I don’t do estimates,Subscribe […]

Daily Update: Microsoft Earnings

Good morning, I’m very sorry about the multiple emails yesterday – especially since the second email had the exact same error as the first! So embarrassing! Thanks for your patience. I found yesterday’s Microsoft results really interesting, and did a bit of a deep dive. It’s the only topic today, and it’s a bit longerSubscribe […]

Dear Zoë Keating: Tell YouTube to Take a Hike

Zoë Keating is an example of a new kind of content creator who can best maximize their revenue by going direct to consumers.

Podcasts: Exponent 032 – Follow-up and Frustration; This Week in Tech; The Talk Show

On the newest episode of Exponent, the podcast I co-host with James Allworth: We briefly follow-up on last week’s copyright discussion, discuss Ben’s article on what the technology adoption curve gets wrong about Apple and Xiaomi, and then react to Microsoft’s Windows 10 (and Project HoloLens) presentation Links Stratechery Forum Discussion about Episode 30: Flabbergasted […]

Daily Update: Google to Become MVNO?, Samsung vs Qualcomm, Box Prices IPO

Good morning, I just posted a new episode of Exponent that follows up on last week’s copyright discussion, discusses The End of Trickle-Down Technology, and reviews Microsoft’s event. Do note that we recorded before I wrote yesterday’s update, so my thoughts weren’t as fully formed. On to the update: Google to Become MVNO? Amir EfratiSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event (and Project HoloLens)

Good morning, Today’s update is all about Microsoft’s myriad of announcements yesterday. I think it makes the most sense to think of the event, billed as being about Windows 10, in three parts: Part 1 was the overview of Windows 10, including the vision underlying the operating system, demos of specific functionality, as well asSubscribe […]