Podcasts: Exponent 032 – Follow-up and Frustration; This Week in Tech; The Talk Show

On the newest episode of Exponent, the podcast I co-host with James Allworth:

We briefly follow-up on last week’s copyright discussion, discuss Ben’s article on what the technology adoption curve gets wrong about Apple and Xiaomi, and then react to Microsoft’s Windows 10 (and Project HoloLens) presentation


  • Stratechery Forum Discussion about Episode 30: Flabbergasted – Stratechery Forums (members-only)
  • Ben Thompson: The End of Trickle-Down Technology – Stratechery
  • Ben Thompson: Part 1 of an Interview with Xiaomi VP of International Hugo Barra on India and Xiaomi’s Strategy and Target Customer – Stratechery (members-only)
  • Ben Thompson: Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event (and Project HoloLens) – Stratechery (members-only)
  • Ben Thompson: It’s Time to Split Up Microsoft – Stratechery
  • Ben Thompson: Face in not the Future – Stratechery
  • Ben Thompson: Christmas Gifts for Microsoft, Intel, Amazon – Stratechery

Listen to the episode here

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This Week in Tech – The Adorable Kitten Show

Last Sunday I joined Leo Laporte, Serenity Caldwell, and Iain Thomson for a discussion about requiring backdoors, digital arms race, Xiaomi’s opportunity, and more.

You can listen to the episode here

The Talk Show – Malaprops

I joined John Gruber for (another) marathon episode of The Talk Show, where we covered Apple’s hiring practices, Scott Forstall, Instagram, Box’s IPO, the Amazon Echo and Phone, and Microsoft’s Windows 10 event.

You can listen to the episode here.

As an aside, I noted in this show that Apple, at least in my experience, hires more broadly than many tech companies which I characterized as being very Stanford focused. I hope this is obvious, but one, I was using Stanford as a stand-in for a general focus on academic qualifications, and two, Stanford is awesome and lots of awesome people have gone there. My only point is that a diversity of backgrounds and experiences is a good thing. I think that was clear, but I apologize if it came across at all differently.