David Carr’s Doubt

The strange thing about death is that most of us cope by talking about ourselves. So it was on Twitter last night as word spread of the passing of New York Times media columnist David Carr; a nearly unending stream of expressions of grief mixed with personal anecdotes of a figure so clearly beloved. I […]

Daily Update: Xiaomi and the U.S.; Slack, Momentum, and Microsoft; David Carr Passes Away

Good morning, As I noted last week, I will be off next Thursday and Friday for Chinese New Year. In addition, I’m still working on the spam issue, although I understand yesterday was better. I appreciate your patience. On to the update: Xiaomi and the U.S. The Wall Street Journal captured the news with theirSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Touch ID and Identity, Twitter Acquires Niche, Baidu Results Disappoint

Good morning, I am very sorry for the recent “Marked-as-spam” epidemic with the Daily Update. I’m working with MailChimp to implement some fixes, so hopefully the situation will improve soon. On to the update: Touch ID and Identity There was one very important technology I barely mentioned in yesterday’s piece about Apple’s New Market: TouchSubscribe […]

Apple’s New Market

If the importance of an integrated experience matter more with your phone than your PC, because you use it more, how much more important is an integrated experience that touches every detail of your life?

Daily Update: The Trouble with Amazon, China’s E-Commerce Battle, Asia’s Advantage

Good morning, On last week’s Exponent James and I talked about the Story of Stratechery; I should have spent more time thanking all of you, who make what I do possible. I really do appreciate it. On to the update: The Trouble with Amazon Two weeks ago, when I wrote about Amazon’s earnings, I madeSubscribe […]

Podcast: Exponent 034 – The Story of Stratechery

On the newest episode of Exponent, the podcast I co-host with James Allworth: This is the story of Stratechery, presented with much sheepishness on my part. How I thought about the market, my business model, and more. I apologize that this is a little long and perhaps a bit choppy. It’s hard to talk about […]

Daily Update: Twitter’s Results, Algorithm, and Value

Good morning, Today is all about Twitter; I’m going to both review their results and touch on their recent flood of announcements. I think that one explains the other. On to the update: Twitter’s Results Twitter’s results were pretty much exactly what you might have expected, particularly given the Twitter-driven Steven Levy piece about Twitter’sSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Net Neutrality!, Microsoft is Seizing Their Mobile Opportunity

Good morning, One company I haven’t written about in a while is Twitter. This despite a torrent of news stories and new releases over the past week especially. On one hand, all of the news, particularly around new products, is good to see. On the other hand, it all feels a bit…staged. Consider this StevenSubscribe […]