Exponent Podcast: It’s a Watch that Does Stuff

On Exponent, the weekly podcast I host with James Allworth, I finally have an Apple Watch: James has lots of questions about it. Listen to it here.

Cisco’s Results — and Future, Tencent’s Advertising Shift

Today’s update discusses how Cisco has seemingly responded to the threat of software-based networking, but why the future is more cloudy than outgoing CEO John Chambers thinks. Then, Tencent is slowly diversifying their business model, and it’s a big opportunity.

Verizon-AOL, Facebook Instant Articles, and the Future of Digital Advertising

Two seemingly unrelated stores — Verizon buying AOL. and Facebook offering publishers the option of Instant Articles — are actually very much connected: advertising online is undergoing a fundamental shift, and while there will be a few big winners, there will be a lot more losers.

China Slowing, Apple Growing; Is Tesla Disruptive?

Today’s update examines how it is that China smartphone sales are decreasing even as Apple’s share is increasing. Then, I once again take on disruption theory and its adherent, this time around Tesla.

Media Monday: Bill Simmons vs ESPN, Spotify and the Content Hierarchy, Periscope and Piracy

Today’s Daily Update is all about the media:

– ESPN will not renew Bill Simmons’ contract, which leads into a discussion of the value of individual brands, particular writers, and how that value can best be captured
– Not all content is created equally, which helps explain Spotify’s surprising decision to diversify
– Periscope presents a unique challenge to sports in particular

Yelp is for Sale, Fitbit Files for IPO, HERE Maps Update

In today’s Daily Update:

– Yelp is for sale. I discuss the problem with Yelp’s advertising business, as well as who might buy them and why
– Fitbit is filing for an IPO. The company has some impressive numbers, and they are an interesting contrast to a company like Yelp. However, the Watch is coming…
– An update on the HERE Maps bidding

AWS Follow-up; Tesla Powerwall; Google, LinkedIn, and Playing Nice

Today’s Daily Update includes:

– Follow up on yesterday’s post on AWS, including why Amazon still worries me
– An overview of the Tesla Powerwall and what kind of company Tesla is
– A discussion about Google’s real estate set-back in Mountain View and the bigger question about where the company is going — and why


AWS has long been a question mark when it comes to Amazon: it’s a good idea, and it makes money, but like it’s parent company, will it ever be profitable? The revelation that AWS is already very profitable indeed is a really big deal both for AWS but also for Amazon itself.

Welcome to Stratechery 3.0

Welcome to Stratechery 3.0! Stratechery 1.0 was the launch of this blog in March 2013; Stratechery 2.0 the launch of the Daily Update in April 2014. Stratechery 3.0 is perhaps less transformative from a business perspective, but it’s a substantial reworking of the technological underpinnings of Stratechery that should put the site in a good place to both scale more reliably and support new initiatives down the road. This update is about the changes, why I made them, and how you can provide feedback.

LinkedIn Misses, Sony’s Retreat

Good morning, The promised update to Stratechery is imminent — if all goes well, it will happen in the next 24 hours. I will include more details in tomorrow update, but the primary impact on subscribers is minimal. Specifically: Your Stratechery login will be your email address, not your old username The first time youSubscribe […]