Features and Networks, Tesla Model X Pricing Revealed, Consumer Reports and the Tesla P85D

I linked to a piece yesterday suggesting that Twitter abandon the 140-character limit: do I agree? Or is that missing the point entirely? Then, the Internet goes nuts about the Model X price without taking the time to understand why it is so expensive; meanwhile the latest Model S shows that Tesla isn’t necessarily making cars.

Uber 2.0: Human Self-Driving Cars

Uber 1.0 is a huge success, but it’s still basically a taxi service. We know the future is self-driving cars, but is there an intermediary step? What if Uber could do self-driving cars today?

Amazon Retrenches on Hardware, Apple to Create Original Programming?

Amazon is making big changes at Lab126, its hardware subsidiary, after the Fire phone flop. I think it’s a fantastic sign for the company going forward. Plus, Apple is reportedly thinking about getting into original content; there are both optimistic and pessimistic spins to put on this, but ultimately I think it’s a bad idea.