The Brexit Possibility

Brexit’s downsides are clear; might tech help realize upsides in building something new based on a new world order?

Brexit and Tech: The Narrow View, HBO Versus Netflix, Amazon Dash Buttons

There is a broader story to be told about Brexit and tech, but today the narrower view of its impact. Then, why Netflix and HBO are different, and how Amazon’s Dash buttons demonstrate the company’s strength and the CPG industry’s weakness.

Why LinkedIn Sold, Dropbox is Cash Flow Positive

Why did LinkedIn sell? The company almost certainly put itself into a box of its own making, over which it had no control. Meanwhile, Dropbox is cash-flow positive, but the company has made similar mistakes.

Podcast: Exponent Episode 083 — Microsoft & LinkedIn versus Apple & WWDC

On the newest episode of Exponent, the podcast I co-host with James Allworth: Ben and James discuss Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn and Apple’s WWDC announcements, and figure out why they feel so differently about the two of them. Links James Allworth: Who’s going to be having sleepless nights after Microsoft’s LinkedIn deal? — Medium Ben […]