Chat and the Consumerization of IT

What does the consumerization of IT even mean? Workplace by Facebook, Skype Teams from Microsoft, and Slack offer three definitions.

Exponent Podcast: Google’s New Business Model

On Exponent, the weekly podcast I host with James Allworth, we discuss the history of Android and why Google’s new phone signifies such a profound shift for the company. Listen to it here.

Why Google’s Pixel-Android Strategy is Smart, Samsung Buys Viv, Google Home

It seems odd that Google is keeping Android at arms’ length from the Pixel Phone, but that is because Google’s goal is a different sort of product than the iPhone. It also explains why Samsung brought Viv. Plus, Google Home and Google’s integration.

Google and the Limits of Strategy

Google went wrong in the past by abandoning their horizontal business model; are they repeating their mistake, or does the future give them no choice?