Tesla and Beyond Disruption, As Yahoo Turns

A follow-up on Beyond Disruption and why it doesn’t apply to Tesla. Then, what in the world is going on with Yahoo?

Daily Update: The Trouble with Amazon, China’s E-Commerce Battle, Asia’s Advantage

Good morning, On last week’s Exponent James and I talked about the Story of Stratechery; I should have spent more time thanking all of you, who make what I do possible. I really do appreciate it. On to the update: The Trouble with Amazon Two weeks ago, when I wrote about Amazon’s earnings, I madeSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Uber and the Tyson Zone, Facebook Launches Groups App, Taobao Goes International

Good morning, I apologize that I didn’t get the article notification email issue sorted yesterday; I know I’ve made a real muck of things at this point and most of you are just totally confused! If you are, just ignore me until I have a solution. Thanks for your patience. On to the update: UberSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Uber, Contract Workers, and Driver Power; Alibaba Raises $21.8 Billion; Larry Ellison Takes Care of Larry Ellison

Good morning, The iPhone goes on sell today, and there are lines all over. Many suspect the lines are longer due to resellers looking to take advantage of Apple’s China delay, but at least one of the licensing obstacles to the iPhone going on well was removed yesterday. Several folks have asked me if theSubscribe […]