Daily Update: Don’t Call It an iWatch; Apple, Samsung, and the Internet of Things; Alibaba’s Results

Good morning, Today was one of those days on the Internet where the whole endeavor really seems like a terrible idea. The nice thing about writing this update, though, is it’s a reminder of how the Internet makes it possible to connect directly with all of you. I’m thankful for that. On to the update: […]

Daily Update: Alibaba Buys Out UCWeb, Dropbox Buys MobileSpan, Will Microsoft Undercut AWS on Price?

Good morning, I forgot to link in yesterday’s update, but in case you missed it I wrote a piece on Stratechery defending Uber’s $18.2 billion valuation. To be clear, I’m not saying that Uber is guaranteed to succeed, but rather the size of the opportunity and the relative risk involved make it an obvious investment […]

Yahoo and Tumblr, Alibaba IPO incoming, #AmazonCart

Good morning, Thanks for being subscribers! No site news, just on to the updates: Apple Retails and the Innovator’s Dilemma As Angela Ahrendts takes over Apple Retail, I explore why Apple Stores matter from a theoretical perspective. Link Yahoo and Tumblr It’s been a year since Yahoo acquired Tumblr, and the New York Times has […]