Where Warren’s Wrong

Senator Warren’s proposal about how to regulate tech is wrong about history, the source of tech giant’s power, and the fundamental nature of technology itself. That doesn’t mean there aren’t real problems — and potential solutions — though.

Daily Update: Talko, Bye-bye Beats Music?, About that iPhone Line Film

Good morning, I wrote about Uber yesterday, but in reality I was actually writing about why I think the tech industry should become much more proactive about the development of a social safety net. Not only would a better safety net spur entrepreneurship, but it would also provide a cushion for those who lose their […]

Daily Update: Apple’s True Differentiation, Two More Beats Tidbits, Computex Starts Today

Good morning, I am writing this from chilly San Francisco; as I noted last week, delivery times may be a bit irregular. Thanks for your patience. I have posted details about tomorrow’s live chat during the keynote on Glassboard, so Access members please check it out there. Apple’s True Differentiation I wrote some big picture […]

Why Apple Is Buying Beats

That’s a bit of a presumptuous headline: The sale is not yet confirmed UPDATE: The deal was confirmed on May 28 It’s likely no one outside of 1 Infinite Loop will ever likely know the true reasons Indeed, as Benedict Evans wrote in his weekly newsletter: The deal [is] something of a Rorschach Blot – […]

Apple and Beats, Box adds GE, Comcast Entering Online Ads

Hi all, Keep an eye out today for the Week in Daily Updates, especially if you would like to encourage others to subscribe (please do!). In addition, as I note below, I’ll almost certainly write something about Apple and Beats. Speaking of: Apple Reportedly Buying Beats The Financial Times had the scoop: Apple is closing […]