Daily Update: Christmas Gifts for Startups

Good morning, Happy New Year! As I noted last week, The Daily Update is on a reduced schedule for these two weeks, with updates on Mondays and Tuesdays only. There will be no update from December 31-January 2. The regular daily schedule will resume on Monday, January 5. Today continues Christmas gifts for tech companies: […]

Daily Update: Box Updates S-1 (and Look Great), Instagram Passes 300 Million, Microsoft Acquires HockeyApp

Good morning, According to Panic, Apple changed its mind about Transmit’s ability to add external files to iCloud Drive. This is certainly a positive development, and while I might be biased, I think it actually fits with what I wrote on Wednesday: a major stink was raised, alerting Apple’s engineering team to the issue, and […]

Daily Update: The Player’s Tribune and Corporate Journalism, Box Delays IPO, Rovio Layoffs

Good morning, I’m planning to write about the Paypal spinoff later today, so keep an eye out for that. On to the update: The Player’s Tribune and Corporate Journalism Over the last few weeks there have been a number of widely-shared articles despairing about the spread of corporate journalism, including this long piece in the […]

Daily Update: Amazon’s PR Runup, Box Acquires Streem, Priceline Acquires OpenTable

Good morning, Two acquisitions and anticipation for a big announcement – there’s always something interesting in tech! On to the update: Amazon’s Press Release Runup Amazon is doing something interesting in the runup to tomorrow’s announcement, which most expect to be a Kindle smartphone: they are effectively pre-announcing multiple features that will likely be selling […]

Apple and Beats, Box adds GE, Comcast Entering Online Ads

Hi all, Keep an eye out today for the Week in Daily Updates, especially if you would like to encourage others to subscribe (please do!). In addition, as I note below, I’ll almost certainly write something about Apple and Beats. Speaking of: Apple Reportedly Buying Beats The Financial Times had the scoop: Apple is closing […]

Daily Update: Android Silver, Box’s Delayed IPO, AppLinks Followup

Good morning, It’s the end of week 2 – thanks for being a member! If you have not yet (re)made your t-shirt size selection, please do so (some people who signed up in the first week did not have their sizes recorded properly). You can update your size (or decline it) on your profile page. […]

Box, Microsoft, and the Next Enterprise Platform

Let’s get one thing out of the way: there is nothing about Box’s S-1 filing that suggests tech is in a bubble. Indeed, the fact Aaron Levie and company are not yet profitable is a good thing. To understand why, you must read Should Startups Focus on Profitability or Not by VC Mark Suster: There […]

Battle of the Box

The battle between Dropbox and Box show the differences between selling to consumers and selling to enterprise.