The BuzzFeed Lesson

The lesson of BuzzFeed is that dominant Aggregators like Facebook have no incentive to act against their self interest and support suppliers.

BuzzFeed Reorganizes, WhatsApp Eases Privacy Rules

BuzzFeed reorganizes and thus reemphasizes their new business model. Unfortunately, it’s a business model that doesn’t necessarily need news. Then, WhatsApp predictably eases their privacy policy, their CEO’s previous declarations notwithstanding.

The Problem with Facebook’s Ten-Year Plan, Is BuzzFeed Struggling?

Facebook’s (in my opinion) misguided attempt to own both public and private social was not the only thing that concerned me about the F8 keynote; I am also skeptical of the 10-year plan. Then, BuzzFeed may have some concerning numbers, but I think there is a good reason: the company is changing its business model.

Curation and Algorithms

More and more companies are announcing new products based on human curation, even as the most important content players — Google and Facebook — rely on algorithms. When does curation make sense, and when are algorithms better? And ultimately, who is responsible for both?

Twitter Lightning, Twitter’s Communication Problem, Buzzfeed’s New News App

Word is out about Lightning, a new Twitter feature that lets people dip in and out of current events. It’s a great move. The question, though, is why talk about it now? The timing highlights a big communication problem. Also, BuzzFeed News’ new app, and the importance of notifications to its future monetization.

The Funnel Framework

The Internet has removed scarcity, meaning business models based on controlling distribution are no longer viable. Instead, the key to success is controlling access to the best customers — and that means being the best.

Daily Update: Moore’s Law at 50, BuzzFeed and Advertiser Pressure

Good morning, The French Senate approved a measure (it won’t be law, at least not yet) that would force Google to disclose its algorithm to a French regulator. If you have strong views on this (particularly if you are in favor), I’d love to hear from you as to why — with the condition you […]