The Funnel Framework

The Internet has removed scarcity, meaning business models based on controlling distribution are no longer viable. Instead, the key to success is controlling access to the best customers — and that means being the best.

Daily Update: Moore’s Law at 50, BuzzFeed and Advertiser Pressure

Good morning, The French Senate approved a measure (it won’t be law, at least not yet) that would force Google to disclose its algorithm to a French regulator. If you have strong views on this (particularly if you are in favor), I’d love to hear from you as to why — with the condition youReading […]

Daily Update: BuzzFeed Busted, LinkedIn Buys

Good morning, Late last night was Apple Watch ordering mania. A few observations: Within minutes the Apple Watch Edition quickly moved from May to June and some models to August. In China, meanwhile, they completely sold out It seemed to take about six minutes for ship dates to start slipping from 4/24-5/8 to something laterReading […]

Daily Update: Facebook to Host Media Content, Vox’s Facebook Strategy and Keywee, Bill Simmons’s Next Move

Good morning, I apologize that this Daily Update is a bit tardy: first, it’s late temporally (sorry east coasters!), second, it’s a Media Monday on Tuesday! On to the update: Facebook to Host Media Content From the New York Times: With 1.4 billion users, the social media site has become a vital source of trafficReading […]

Daily Update: BuzzFeed, Trust, and Regret; Backdoor Hypocrisy; Uber Acquires deCarta

Good morning! In case you missed it, I mentioned yesterday that I’m going to Happy Hour Friday in Seattle and Monday in San Francisco, both from 5:00-6:30, and would love if you joined me. I’ll send out details about location to those who have expressed interest later today. On to the update: BuzzFeed, Trust, andReading […]

Daily Update: On The New Republic, Journalism, and BuzzFeed; Uber and Portland; Uber and India

Good morning, Today’s report is a little long and little late due to some late-breaking developments. My apologies. On to the update: On the New Republic, Journalism, and BuzzFeed Anyone who follows journalism even tangentially was certainly inundated with the news about the upheaval at The New Republic. In case you missed it, a summaryReading […]

Daily Update: Why Vox (and BuzzFeed) are Valuable; Outbrain Filing for IPO

Good morning, It’s great to be back. It was wonderful to have a break – I ended up crashing out completely with a sore back and nasty cold – but I missed writing for two whole days! I hope you missed me too… On to the update: Why Vox (and BuzzFeed) Are Valuable From theReading […]

Daily Update: Facebook Launches Atlas, News as a Service

Good morning, My first item today is about Facebook’s new (relaunched) Atlas product. You may think it’s creepy, so check back on Stratechery later on to see what I think about Ello. I will warn you, though, I’m not a fan. On to the update: Facebook Launches Atlas From the New York Times: Facebook builtReading […]