Summer Update, Slack Strong, The Dropbox Cautionary Tale

Slack has more numbers out, and while from a certain perspective the company still seems small, a step back reveals just how significant the opportunity is. Still, nothing is guaranteed, and Dropbox happens to offer a very useful cautionary tale.

Battle of the Box, Updated; Apple Enables Ad-Blockers

A year ago I compared and contrasted Box and Dropbox; both have taken very different paths over the last year, and in light of Box’s earnings and recent Dropbox news I check back in on their progress. Also, Apple and ad-blockers.

Daily Update: Christmas Gifts for Startups

Good morning, Happy New Year! As I noted last week, The Daily Update is on a reduced schedule for these two weeks, with updates on Mondays and Tuesdays only. There will be no update from December 31-January 2. The regular daily schedule will resume on Monday, January 5. Today continues Christmas gifts for tech companies:Subscribe […]

Daily Update: How Apple Pay Might Fail, Dropbox and Office, Amazon Prime Adds Cloud Storage

Good morning, Many of you have requested that I send Stratechery articles via email, just as I do the Daily Updates. I’m happy to announce that I will be doing just that from now on via the normal Stratechery email notification list. If you would like to receive Stratechery posts via email, please subscribe hereSubscribe […]

Daily Update: More Amazon Bear Signals; Dropbox Hacked, Sort of…; Snapchat Too

Good morning, To the update! More Amazon Bear Signals Earlier this year I detailed why I’ve become an Amazon bear in Losing my Amazon Religion. With regards to Amazon’s convoluted plan to drive e-commerce through original video and the Fire phone I questioned: So what exactly is going on? Why is Amazon building vertical devicesSubscribe […]

Level3 and Internet Congestion, Dropbox Data Leak, Microsoft Surface

Good morning, Here are today’s updates: Level3 and Internet Congestion Level3, one of the largest Tier 1 network providers in the country, wrote a blog post called Observations of an Internet Middleman: The average utilization across all those interconnected ports is 36 percent. So you might be asking – what is all the fuss aboutSubscribe […]