Daum Kakao Buys Path, Amazon’s Funnel, More from Mary Meeker

Messaging apps are great examples of the power of funnels, and of how difficult they are to build. Meanwhile, Amazon expands and leverages theirs, plus my five favorite Mary Meeker slides.

The Funnel Framework

The Internet has removed scarcity, meaning business models based on controlling distribution are no longer viable. Instead, the key to success is controlling access to the best customers — and that means being the best.

Daily Update: LINE Launches Grocery Services, Google Versus Uber?

Good morning, Thank you all for your patience yesterday in my ongoing litigation of the viability of blogs-as-a-business. Do note that I edited the piece a fair bit; the current version on Stratechery is a bit shorter and bit fairer to Vox (no poop references). As I’ve written, I’m cheering for all of the newSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Facebook Earnings, Naver/LINE Disappoint

Good morning, Three quick things: I wrote a bonus article – Bad Assumptions – about why so many get Apple so wrong so often. I did not email this one – it was a bonus! – so please read it on Stratechery if you have not. I think you’ll like it With regards to severalSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Christmas Gifts for Startups

Good morning, Happy New Year! As I noted last week, The Daily Update is on a reduced schedule for these two weeks, with updates on Mondays and Tuesdays only. There will be no update from December 31-January 2. The regular daily schedule will resume on Monday, January 5. Today continues Christmas gifts for tech companies:Subscribe […]