The State of Consumer Technology at the End of 2014

While the modern computing era in many respects began with the IBM System/360 mainframe and further expanded with the minicomputer, normal consumers didn’t start encountering computers until the personal computer. And, while mainframes are technically still around (while minicomputers are decidedly not), what is unique about the PC is that it is very much still […]

Daily Update: The United States’ PC Hangover, Message App Milestones, iPhone 6 Screen Size Conjecture

Good morning, Welcome to the last week of August! Fortunately, we’re all interested in tech, where there is always something interesting being announced – or rumored. On to the update: The United States’ PC Hangover There were lots of interesting tidbits in the latest comScore U.S. Mobile App Report, particularly the list of the topSubscribe […]

Daily Update: The New Structure of Mobile Gaming, The Hidden Cost of Microsoft’s Devices, Amazon Affiliate Links in the Washington Post

Note: I put the wrong link in the Daily Email for Tuesday, September 2, 2014. The daily update for that day can be found here. Good morning, I’m really glad to be back in Taiwan and look forward to being back on a regular schedule – you’ll note how much earlier this update is arriving!Subscribe […]

Daily Update: LINE IPO, Kindle Unlimited, Apple and China

Good morning, I am back from vacation, although I can’t say I picked the ideal week for it, particularly given the dual Microsoft memos as well as the Apple-IBM deal. I plan to write about both on the main site this week. In the meantime, there are lots of earnings results this week; I’m hopingSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Apps on Xiaomi, LINE Making US Push, Facebook’s Messaging Strategy

Good morning, Today is Asia-themed, but with a US twist. On to the updates: Apps on Xiaomi According to Flurry, Xiaomi users love apps: Over the past 6 years, the average Apple iPhone consumer has spent more time in apps than consumers of every Android device we track – by a wide margin. This year,Subscribe […]

Daily Update: Google Blocked in China, WeChat Ecommerce, LINE IPO?

Good afternoon, I finally posted the WWDC piece I mentioned yesterday: Growing Apple at WWDC. While the number of updates were pretty incredible, I think they mostly fit into a coherent growth strategy. Check it out. I apologize again that today’s update is a little later (tomorrow’s probably will be as well). I’m very muchSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Google v Oracle, Mobile Gaming and Gambling, Third-Party Mobile Platforms

Good morning, I’m still thinking a lot about the Apple Beats deal, and plan on a post later today, so keep your eyes out. It’s really one of the more fascinating deals we’ve seen since, well, Facebook and Google buying Occular and Nest, respectively, but with Apple everything is magnified. In the meantime, a longerSubscribe […]