Planet of the Apps, #DeleteUber, Amazon Earnings

“Planet of the Apps” is probably not nearly as big a deal as its being made out to be, why #DeleteUber was uniquely dangerous for Uber, and Amazon’s ongoing shift to being a service business.

Uber’s Problematic Google Deal, Lyft’s Sales Pitch, Twitter’s Live Hail Mary

Uber took a shortcut with Google two years ago and are paying the price today, even if the wound is only temporary. Meanwhile, Lyft is costing Uber money but not strategic positioning, and seem to be marketing themselves to acquirers. Plus, mourning the end of what Twitter could be (and no, the NFL didn’t help).

UberPool Follow-Up, Google Bans Interstitial App-Install Ads, Instagram Allows Multiple Photo Sizes

More on UberPool, including the inevitability of self-driving cars, Uber’s competitors, and whether or not Uber needs mass transit. Then, Google’s ban on interstitial app install ads may be a bit arbitrary, but does that matter? Plus a must-read article that ties Instagram’s photo sizes to Twitter’s 140 characters.