UberPool Follow-Up, Google Bans Interstitial App-Install Ads, Instagram Allows Multiple Photo Sizes

More on UberPool, including the inevitability of self-driving cars, Uber’s competitors, and whether or not Uber needs mass transit. Then, Google’s ban on interstitial app install ads may be a bit arbitrary, but does that matter? Plus a must-read article that ties Instagram’s photo sizes to Twitter’s 140 characters.

Daily Update: On the Occasion of Thanksgiving; Lyft Driver Destination; Apple’s Cloud Problem, Revisited

Good morning, Tomorrow is the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., and the markets and most tech companies will be closed for the next two days. There will also be no Daily Update. I do plan on doing some back-end work, including taking care of all outstanding issues from the transition to a single membership tier […]

Why Uber Fights

Ride-sharing is a winner-take-all market that depends on controlling demand more than it does supply.

Daily Update: Another (Inevitable) Uber Controversy, Why Instagram’s Hyperlapse Damns Windows Phone, Pouring Water on Fire Phone

Good morning, I wrote a brief piece on Stratechery about Amazon buying Twitch; my takeaway was in the title: Amazon: Not an E-Commerce Company. One could argue that makes the upside in their stock even greater, but were I an investor, I think I’d be out. I buy the e-commerce story; Amazon ruling the world, […]

Daily Update: Uber v Lyft in NYC, Defending Surge Pricing, Taylor Swift on Music

Good morning, I wrote a piece on Stratechery called Smartphone Truths and Samsung’s Inevitable Decline. While it is mostly about why Samsung’s disappointing results shouldn’t be a surprise, there are also several points that cover why Apple is not doomed, but Microsoft and Amazon are. Today’s theme is supply-and-demand, and we unsurprisingly start with Uber […]