Apple Earnings, Microsoft and LinkedIn

Apple has another great quarter — is it sustainable? Then, LinkedIn’s growth shows just how much digital advertising is growing.

Why LinkedIn Sold, Dropbox is Cash Flow Positive

Why did LinkedIn sell? The company almost certainly put itself into a box of its own making, over which it had no control. Meanwhile, Dropbox is cash-flow positive, but the company has made similar mistakes.

Microsoft and Apple Double Down

Both Microsoft and Apple made news yesterday, and while one was unexpected and the other predictable, both are effectively doubling down on their strategies. And both may not matter.

The Full TSLA Experience, Twitter vs LinkedIn, Nintendo vs Sony

Elon Musk may be a lot of things, but he’s not exactly straight with investors, and now he’s making his biggest bet yet. Plus, the differences between Twitter and LinkedIn, and Nintendo and Sony

The Reality of Missing Out

Tech is entering a period of inequality where the big winners lift the sector as a whole even as smaller companies suffer. The best example is Facebook, Google, and digital advertising.

Android > Chrome, LinkedIn’s Business Model Beats

Android is reportedly going to subsume Chrome OS; I’m bummed but it’s probably the right decision (and no, that doesn’t mean iOS and OS X will merge). Plus, LinkedIn had another strong quarter, and their smart business model deserves the credit. Is there a lesson for Twitter and other consumer companies?

Meetup Information; LinkedIn Beats, Slumps; Samsung’s Shift Continues; Sony’s Specialization

LinkedIn and Samsung both had negative reactions to their earnings, but both are in the middle of a shift to a better position going forward; Sony’s results were worse on an absolute basis but better received because they’ve already gone through the hard work of focusing on what works.

Plus, meetup information for Chicago, New York, and Madison

AWS Follow-up; Tesla Powerwall; Google, LinkedIn, and Playing Nice

Today’s Daily Update includes:

– Follow up on yesterday’s post on AWS, including why Amazon still worries me
– An overview of the Tesla Powerwall and what kind of company Tesla is
– A discussion about Google’s real estate set-back in Mountain View and the bigger question about where the company is going — and why

LinkedIn Misses, Sony’s Retreat

Good morning, The promised update to Stratechery is imminent — if all goes well, it will happen in the next 24 hours. I will include more details in tomorrow update, but the primary impact on subscribers is minimal. Specifically: Your Stratechery login will be your email address, not your old username The first time youSubscribe […]

Daily Update: BuzzFeed Busted, LinkedIn Buys

Good morning, Late last night was Apple Watch ordering mania. A few observations: Within minutes the Apple Watch Edition quickly moved from May to June and some models to August. In China, meanwhile, they completely sold out It seemed to take about six minutes for ship dates to start slipping from 4/24-5/8 to something laterSubscribe […]