In Defense of The New York Times

Amazon and The New York Times had a fascinating exchange this week, on Medium of all places. What that exchange represents — the search for truth, now open to anyone — is far more important than the particular article in question.

Daily Update: Learning From the Economist, NYT Now to be Free

Good morning, I know many of you had the day off on Friday (Good Friday in the West, and Tomb-Sweeping Day here in Asia), but there was a Daily Update, so check it out in case you missed it. If you have any login issues, use this link; the promised rework of the membership system […]

Daily Update: Media and Authority, The Structural Changes in VC, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Good morning, While there are a few more earnings results this week – Twitter’s should be especially interesting – we are otherwise into the summer news slowdown, which means today’s Update is a bit more circumspect, yet hopefully interesting all the same. On to the updates: Media and Authority Yesterday the New York Times editorial […]

Newspapers Are Dead; Long Live Journalism

The fundamental economic model of newspapers is broken; for journalism to survive, new business models must be found.