EV Charging Standards, Tesla’s Strategy, Tesla’s Reward

It increasingly looks like Tesla’s standard for charging will be the standard for the industry. Why did Tesla seize this opportunity, and why do they deserve to profit from it?


What Elon Musk got wrong about Twitter, journalists and VCs got wrong about FTX, and Peter Thiel got wrong about crypto and AI — and why I made many of the same mistakes along the way.

Mistakes and Memes

Information on the Internet is conveyed by memes, which can be anything and everything. The real world impacts are only now being understood.

Amazon’s Hardware Event, Ring and Tesla, Luna

Amazon’s Alexa event was notable for how little it featured Amazon; perhaps that is why Tesla and Apple appear to be partners. Plus, the Luna gaming service.

Chris Lattner Leaves Apple…for Tesla; Does Apple Have a Problem?

Chris Lattner has been one of Apple’s most important employees for years, helping the company own one of its most critical assets. But now he is moving on to Tesla: what does that mean for both companies?

Tech and Trump, Tech and Politics

Tech executives are meeting with Trump, and it’s the right decision; now is the time, though, to establish the conditions when opposition is appropriate. Then, why technologists should not outsource politics.

Snapchat’s Facebook Moment, China Cracks Down on Apps and Social Networks

A quick follow-up on Tesla, where Elon Musk continues to demonstrate how not to win the battle over self-driving cars. Then, Snapchat is getting the Facebook treatment, some of it legitimate, and some of it not, and China is cracking down on apps and social networks