Tesla Skepticism and Superchargers, Medium for Publishers

Just because Tesla is achieving an Apple-like brand doesn’t mean they will have Apple’s success: the hard part starts now. Plus, why SuperChargers are a big deal. Then, Medium for Publishers is Medium’s play to own the long tail of publishing, and it’s very exciting in what it enables.

It’s a Tesla

Tesla is not a disruptor, but then again, neither is Apple, the closest comp: both succeed by building a brand around being the best.

Car Follow-up, The Apple Car, Uber’s Financials

Google’s vision for driverless cars fails to take into account the world as it is. and Apple’s car efforts likely have a market for the foreseeable future. Plus a look at Uber’s financials.

Cars and the Future

A massive revolution in cars seems right around the corner. However, I think it will take longer then most technologists think, but when it comes it will come quickly.

Features and Networks, Tesla Model X Pricing Revealed, Consumer Reports and the Tesla P85D

I linked to a piece yesterday suggesting that Twitter abandon the 140-character limit: do I agree? Or is that missing the point entirely? Then, the Internet goes nuts about the Model X price without taking the time to understand why it is so expensive; meanwhile the latest Model S shows that Tesla isn’t necessarily making cars.

China Slowing, Apple Growing; Is Tesla Disruptive?

Today’s update examines how it is that China smartphone sales are decreasing even as Apple’s share is increasing. Then, I once again take on disruption theory and its adherent, this time around Tesla.

AWS Follow-up; Tesla Powerwall; Google, LinkedIn, and Playing Nice

Today’s Daily Update includes:

– Follow up on yesterday’s post on AWS, including why Amazon still worries me
– An overview of the Tesla Powerwall and what kind of company Tesla is
– A discussion about Google’s real estate set-back in Mountain View and the bigger question about where the company is going — and why