CES Concepts, Verizon Drops Bundles, Technology and TV

CES is boring, because no one knows what is next. Then, Verizon is dropping Internet and TV bundles, which is a rational response to the changing nature of pay-TV. It also shows how much tech disruption is still to come.

Sports Gambling Defederalized, Amazon Channels

Sports gambling is defederalized, and the opportunity is likely larger than people think: then, Amazon Channels is another manifestation of the company’s “first customer” strategy.

Verizon-AOL, Facebook Instant Articles, and the Future of Digital Advertising

Two seemingly unrelated stores — Verizon buying AOL. and Facebook offering publishers the option of Instant Articles — are actually very much connected: advertising online is undergoing a fundamental shift, and while there will be a few big winners, there will be a lot more losers.

Daily Update: Split Microsoft Follow-up, Yahoo Buys Flurry, Valuing Privacy…Or Not

Good morning, Apple’s earnings are this afternoon, so look for analysis of those tomorrow. In the meantime, I have some follow-up to yesterday’s opus on Microsoft, as well as a couple of pieces on advertising and tracking. On to today’s updates: Split Up Microsoft Follow-Up I wrote a piece about Microsoft on the main Stratechery […]