Verizon Changes Rate Plans, The Importance of Upgrades, iMessage and the U.S. Market

Verizon announced they were changing the structure of their phones plans away from subsidies and towards phone financing. I think it’s less of a big deal than many are painting it to be, and if anything, it will help the iPhone. Plus, why iMessage is particularly important in the U.S.

Verizon-AOL, Facebook Instant Articles, and the Future of Digital Advertising

Two seemingly unrelated stores — Verizon buying AOL. and Facebook offering publishers the option of Instant Articles — are actually very much connected: advertising online is undergoing a fundamental shift, and while there will be a few big winners, there will be a lot more losers.

Daily Update: Split Microsoft Follow-up, Yahoo Buys Flurry, Valuing Privacy…Or Not

Good morning, Apple’s earnings are this afternoon, so look for analysis of those tomorrow. In the meantime, I have some follow-up to yesterday’s opus on Microsoft, as well as a couple of pieces on advertising and tracking. On to today’s updates: Split Up Microsoft Follow-Up I wrote a piece about Microsoft on the main StratecherySubscribe […]