Daily Update: On The New Republic, Journalism, and BuzzFeed; Uber and Portland; Uber and India

Good morning, Today’s report is a little long and little late due to some late-breaking developments. My apologies. On to the update: On the New Republic, Journalism, and BuzzFeed Anyone who follows journalism even tangentially was certainly inundated with the news about the upheaval at The New Republic. In case you missed it, a summarySubscribe […]

Daily Update: Why Vox (and BuzzFeed) are Valuable; Outbrain Filing for IPO

Good morning, It’s great to be back. It was wonderful to have a break – I ended up crashing out completely with a sore back and nasty cold – but I missed writing for two whole days! I hope you missed me too… On to the update: Why Vox (and BuzzFeed) Are Valuable From theSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Media and Authority, The Structural Changes in VC, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Good morning, While there are a few more earnings results this week – Twitter’s should be especially interesting – we are otherwise into the summer news slowdown, which means today’s Update is a bit more circumspect, yet hopefully interesting all the same. On to the updates: Media and Authority Yesterday the New York Times editorialSubscribe […]