The Idea Adoption Curve

Mapping the technology adoption curve to ideas gives insights as to which business models work on which parts of the addressable market.

Faceless Publishers, Take 2; Internet Trends 2017

Defining faceless publishers is perhaps easier by describing what they are not; then, my favorite slides from Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report

Faceless Publishers

The missing piece when it comes to the future of media are faceless publishers. Vox Media’s deal with The Ringer shows the way.

Vox Acquires Recode; Stars, Money, and Reach; The Apple Car and Jony Ive

Recode has sold to Vox, and while everyone involved is putting a happy face on the matter, it seems highly likely that Recode failed as a business. Understanding how content businesses work show where they went wrong, but what does that mean for someone like Bill Simmons?

Also, Jeff Williams spoke at Recode, and he just might have changed my mind about Jony Ive.

Daily Update: Facebook to Host Media Content, Vox’s Facebook Strategy and Keywee, Bill Simmons’s Next Move

Good morning, I apologize that this Daily Update is a bit tardy: first, it’s late temporally (sorry east coasters!), second, it’s a Media Monday on Tuesday! On to the update: Facebook to Host Media Content From the New York Times: With 1.4 billion users, the social media site has become a vital source of trafficSubscribe […]

Blogging’s Bright Future

Blogs may not be the only means of expression on line, but they are a more viable as a business for writers focused on niches than ever before.

Daily Update: It’s Great to be Small, Niche Business Models, YouTube Seeking to Retain Stars

Good morning, I received multiple reports that Friday’s Daily Update was marked as containing phishing links. I can absolutely confirm this is not the case, so if you missed it, please take a look in your spam folder. For the third Monday in a row I’m writing about media – Media Mondays if you will.Subscribe […]