Atlassian Buys Trello, Yahoo => Altaba

Atlassian acquired Trello in a deal that makes sense for Atlassian and also signifies increased consolidation in productivity software; then, Yahoo is nearly finished: the company was more important than we remember.

The Reality of Missing Out

Tech is entering a period of inequality where the big winners lift the sector as a whole even as smaller companies suffer. The best example is Facebook, Google, and digital advertising.

Tesla and Beyond Disruption, As Yahoo Turns

A follow-up on Beyond Disruption and why it doesn’t apply to Tesla. Then, what in the world is going on with Yahoo?

YouTube Red, Yahoo Stumbles

YouTube Red doesn’t make much sense at first glance, but there might be something there if Google goes all in. Plus, the sad end of Yahoo.

Daily Update: Remembering Microsoft’s Antitrust Trial, Microsoft and Yahoo Renegotiate Search Deal, Microsoft Partners with Cyanogen

Good morning, It’s a Microsoft heavy day, ranging from the (relatively speaking) distant past, the present, and perhaps the future. On to the update: Remembering Microsoft’s Antitrust Trial Not. My. Week. Yesterday I wrote that the Microsoft antitrust case was in 1998; wanting to be sure I checked Wikipedia which to my surprise said 2001. […]

Daily Update: Yahoo’s Wrong Choice, What if Yahoo had Bought Google?, Amazon’s E-commerce Vulnerability, plus Stratechery Gifts

Good morning, Many of you asked me how you can give Stratechery memberships as a gift, and I’m happy to announce you can give one year, non-renewing memberships by visiting this link: Stratechery Gifts Once you make your payment I will send you a registration link for the gift membership; you can forward this link […]