Daily Update: Remembering Microsoft’s Antitrust Trial, Microsoft and Yahoo Renegotiate Search Deal, Microsoft Partners with Cyanogen

Good morning, It’s a Microsoft heavy day, ranging from the (relatively speaking) distant past, the present, and perhaps the future. On to the update: Remembering Microsoft’s Antitrust Trial Not. My. Week. Yesterday I wrote that the Microsoft antitrust case was in 1998; wanting to be sure I checked Wikipedia which to my surprise said 2001.Subscribe […]

Daily Update: Yahoo’s Wrong Choice, What if Yahoo had Bought Google?, Amazon’s E-commerce Vulnerability, plus Stratechery Gifts

Good morning, Many of you asked me how you can give Stratechery memberships as a gift, and I’m happy to announce you can give one year, non-renewing memberships by visiting this link: Stratechery Gifts Once you make your payment I will send you a registration link for the gift membership; you can forward this linkSubscribe […]

Daily Update: The Content Creator Opportunity, Firefox’s “Strategic Choice”, Qualcomm to Build ARM Server Chips

Good morning, I wrote a new piece on Stratechery yesterday that will arrive in your mailboxes soon. In short, I heard from many, many readers that they preferred to receive posts in their email along with the Daily Updates. If you would prefer to not receive emails about posts on the main blog, please holdSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Split Microsoft Follow-up, Yahoo Buys Flurry, Valuing Privacy…Or Not

Good morning, Apple’s earnings are this afternoon, so look for analysis of those tomorrow. In the meantime, I have some follow-up to yesterday’s opus on Microsoft, as well as a couple of pieces on advertising and tracking. On to today’s updates: Split Up Microsoft Follow-Up I wrote a piece about Microsoft on the main StratecherySubscribe […]

Nest Buys Dropcam, Amazon Coins for Fire Phone Developers, Yahoo’s Digital Magazines

Good morning, I am still trying to recover from that U.S. soccer game. What could have been! At least there is always plenty of tech news to draw us in. On to the update: Google Nest Buys Dropcam On Friday Nest announced they were buying Dropcam, a home monitoring service. From Recode: Dropcam, the popularSubscribe […]

Yahoo and Tumblr, Alibaba IPO incoming, #AmazonCart

Good morning, Thanks for being subscribers! No site news, just on to the updates: Apple Retails and the Innovator’s Dilemma As Angela Ahrendts takes over Apple Retail, I explore why Apple Stores matter from a theoretical perspective. Link Yahoo and Tumblr It’s been a year since Yahoo acquired Tumblr, and the New York Times hasSubscribe […]

The Dropbox Opportunity

Benedict Evans, in Glass, Home and solipsism, one of the most insightful posts I’ve read in some time: Your customers’ relationships with you are the only relationships you have as a business and you think a lot about them. But you’re one of a thousand things your customer thinks about in a week, and one […]

Yahoo, Tumblr, and the Signal-to-ads Cycle

Tumblr is worth far more to Yahoo than $1.1 billion, and worth far less as a standalone company. That makes this acquisition a win-win; Yahoo is buying three important parts of the signal-to-ads cycle, and Tumblr’s investors are getting a nice exit. There are three ways to improve advertising revenue: Sell more ads Sell more […]