Beyond Disruption

Clayton Christensen claims that Uber is not disruptive, and he’s exactly right. In fact, disruption theory often doesn’t make sense when it comes to understanding how companies succeed in the age of the Internet.

Daily Update: Peak Google and Disruption’s Cousins, Twitter Fabric, Mark Zuckerberg 講中文

Good morning, I have to admit, after writing yesterday’s posts on IBM and Google, and recording an episode of Exponent earlier today (it will be posted tomorrow), I’m a bit zonked. Let me get a cup of coffee… OK, I’m back. On to the update: Peak Google and Disruption’s Cousins I posted a piece lateSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Hailo Exits North America, Intel Earnings, Macworld Expo is Over

Good morning, I apologize for the lack of pieces on the main Stratechery blog this week; we’re moving house, and it’s all a bit hectic. I should have something up later today. On to the update: Hailo Exits North America One of the most persistent criticisms of Uber has been that it will face anSubscribe […]

Don’t Blame Uber

At the risk of painting too broad a stroke, it seems to me that much of the opposition to changes wrought by the Internet undervalue the positive impact said changes have on normal people. For example, people despair over newspapers closing without appreciating the explosion in quality content freely available to anyone anywhere in the […]

Why Uber is Worth $18.2 Billion

Christopher Mims’ piece Uber’s $18.2B Valuation Is a Head Scratcher is getting a lot of play, and deservedly so: it’s a good encapsulation of many people’s objections to Uber’s recent round that valued the company at $18.2 billion. However, I think Mims is wrong. I would argue he: Dramatically underestimates Uber’s potential market Undervalues Uber’s […]


Not all products are disruptive: some are obsoletive. They are more expensive but remove the need for entire categories of products.

If Apple is Disrupted, Will We Blame Tim Cook?

I’m not predicting the following will happen, but I’m also not saying it won’t.1 September 18, 2018, Beijing, China – In a development few could have foreseen even five years ago, it’s Beijing and its global icon Xiaomi that is the star of September, the role formerly filled by the increasingly irrelevant Apple. At 10AM […]