Twitter, Live, and Luck

Last night’s Academy Awards show was another event that showed how special Twitter is; the fact that you had to be there shows just how badly the company has failed to evolve.

The State of Technology at the End of 2016

The annual Stratechery review of the state of technology, and call to build products that unlock human potential

Apple Should Buy Netflix

The fact Apple’s ‘TV’ app doesn’t have Netflix shows who has the leverage; Apple should just buy in.

Google and the Limits of Strategy

Google went wrong in the past by abandoning their horizontal business model; are they repeating their mistake, or does the future give them no choice?

Walmart and the Multichannel Trap

Walmart wasted years trying to retrofit their model to ecommerce. Buying will give them a better chance, but it’s almost certainly too late to compete with Amazon.

Apple Earnings, Apple Car Updates, Apple TV and Leverage

Apple’s earnings were better than expected but the growth challenge remains; might it come from the Apple Car? The Apple TV’s challenges are instructive in that regard.