An Update on the Stratechery Membership Program

Last spring I wrote a series about the future of journalism: Part 1: FiveThirtyEight and the End of Average – link Part 2: The Stages of Newspapers’ Decline – link Part 3: Newspapers Are Dead; Long Live Journalism – link In the third installment I wrote: More and more journalism will be small endeavors, often […]

Daily Update: Amazon’s New Devices, Sony Gets Crushed, Apple Takes Aim on Google

2014-09-18 Good morning, From my email, it seems like my post yesterday about Apple Watch surprised a few of you (please check out the full piece on Stratechery, as it differed from yesterday’s email in a few key areas). I don’t like changing my mind, but I hate being wrong more, and I changed mySubscribe […]

Daily Update: Apple and the Cloud Followup, Box for Industries, Calculators: Not Disrupted

Good morning, It’s official: I won’t be going to the keynote in person, but since the presentation will be streamed I will once again hold a live chat for Access members. I’ll email details next week. In addition, look for a new episode of Exponent later today. On to the update: Apple and the CloudSubscribe […]

Daily Update: What Consoles Say About iPads, Uber Opens API, The Samsung Nook

Good morning, Yesterday I wrote about my changing view on consoles in a piece called Games and Good Enough. As most of you may recall, last June I argued that consoles would soon be disrupted. Now I’ve changed my mind; I suspect that consoles will in fact safely own the high end of the gamingSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Print, Chinese Walls, and "Objective" Journalism; Twitter’s New Photo-removal Policies; Steve Ballmer Leaves Microsoft’s Board

Good morning, I will hopefully – finally – have a new article up later today about video games. I think you might be surprised. But now, on to the update. Print, Chinese Walls, and “Objective” Journalism Clay Shirky, who has been forecasting the death of print for years now, bemoaned the business ignorance of journalistsSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Amazon Local Register, Messaging Apps Are Extremely Profitable, Samsung v HTC

Good morning. Hello from somewhere between Madison and Chicago. I’m in the car on the way to the airport, heading back to Taiwan. As I noted yesterday, updates for the rest of the week will come at odd hours, including, obviously, today’s. Thanks for your patience. Yesterday on the main site I asked Is BuzzFeedSubscribe […]

Pleco: Building a Business, not an App

This past week has not been the first outbreak of independent developer angst over the app store, but it feels like it has been one of the more intense. The pump was primed by the news that Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is on pace to make $200 million this year, news that was in stark contrast […]

Daily Update: Samsung Profits Falling, Panasonic Toughbooks, Standards and the Internet of Things

Good morning, Just how useful is theory in understanding, and more importantly, predicting markets? Well, in the case of Samsung, pretty darn useful I’d say. On to the updates. Samsung Profits Falling From The Guardian: Samsung Electronics says that its second-quarter operating profits will fall to a two-year low, blaming growing competition in China, reluctantSubscribe […]