The FBI Unlocks the San Bernardino iPhone, Sony to Make a New PS4?

The FBI has successfully unlocked the San Bernardino iPhone. Now the question is if they will say how. Still, I think this debate will now go away for quite a while. Then, Sony is making a new PS4 which makes sense given the changing market, even though it’s risky.

In Defense of The New York Times

Amazon and The New York Times had a fascinating exchange this week, on Medium of all places. What that exchange represents — the search for truth, now open to anyone — is far more important than the particular article in question.

Medium and the Publishing Long Tail, Content Blockers and Facebook, Amazon Prime and the Washington Post

A bit of follow-up on yesterday’s post Popping the Publishing Bubble, and why Medium is potentially trying to replicate Stripe’s strategy. Plus, the key decision-maker when it comes to ad-blocking is Facebook, and it’s not at all clear what they will do. Finally, an experiment from Jeff Bezos with the Washington Post and Amazon Prime.

Meetup Information; LinkedIn Beats, Slumps; Samsung’s Shift Continues; Sony’s Specialization

LinkedIn and Samsung both had negative reactions to their earnings, but both are in the middle of a shift to a better position going forward; Sony’s results were worse on an absolute basis but better received because they’ve already gone through the hard work of focusing on what works.

Plus, meetup information for Chicago, New York, and Madison

Media Monday: Bill Simmons vs ESPN, Spotify and the Content Hierarchy, Periscope and Piracy

Today’s Daily Update is all about the media:

– ESPN will not renew Bill Simmons’ contract, which leads into a discussion of the value of individual brands, particular writers, and how that value can best be captured
– Not all content is created equally, which helps explain Spotify’s surprising decision to diversify
– Periscope presents a unique challenge to sports in particular

Blogging’s Bright Future

Blogs may not be the only means of expression on line, but they are a more viable as a business for writers focused on niches than ever before.

Dear Zoë Keating: Tell YouTube to Take a Hike

Zoë Keating is an example of a new kind of content creator who can best maximize their revenue by going direct to consumers.

Daily Update: It’s Great to be Small, Niche Business Models, YouTube Seeking to Retain Stars

Good morning, I received multiple reports that Friday’s Daily Update was marked as containing phishing links. I can absolutely confirm this is not the case, so if you missed it, please take a look in your spam folder. For the third Monday in a row I’m writing about media – Media Mondays if you will.Subscribe […]

Differentiation and Value Capture in the Internet Age

The implication of the Smiling Curve is not only that aggregators have increased economic power, but that differentiated suppliers do as well; Omni Software is an example.