Podcast: Exponent 034 – The Story of Stratechery

On the newest episode of Exponent, the podcast I co-host with James Allworth: This is the story of Stratechery, presented with much sheepishness on my part. How I thought about the market, my business model, and more. I apologize that this is a little long and perhaps a bit choppy. It’s hard to talk about […]

Site Announcement: New Forum for ALL Members

Good morning, There is not a traditional Daily Update today. Instead I have an exciting announcement about Stratechery Memberships. I am happy to announce that the newly launched Stratechery Member Forum is now live, and is open to all Stratechery Members. All blog posts will automatically have topics created in the forum for discussion amongstSubscribe […]

August 15: No Daily Update Today

Hi all, By my count I’ve missed two daily updates since I started them in April, and one was the 4th of July (even had one on Memorial Day). I humbly request your forbearance for there not being one today. As noted, I’ve been traveling with the kids, and simply haven’t been able to findSubscribe […]

Site Note: Vacation and the Daily Update

Just a quick note that I am on vacation this week and do not plan on posting an article (although I certainly picked quite the week to be gone!). The Daily Update will continue but instead of analysis of recent news, I have written brief overviews of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) of […]

Welcome to Stratechery 2.0

A few weeks ago I wrote three pieces at Stratechery about the state of journalism in the age of the Internet. FiveThirtyEight and the End of Average The Stages of Newspapers’ Decline Newspapers are Dead; Long Live Journalism The main takeaway of these pieces was that the Internet, with its wide reach and low costs, […]

Happy Thanksgiving

As noted in my last post, my parents are here for the week and I’ve been rather busy entertaining. I did want to take the time, though, to thank all of you for what has been an absolutely incredible first eight months for Stratechery. I know you’re not all American (and I’m not even in […]


I answered a Quora question: It’s interesting how some folks are always looking for some sort of institutional authority.1 I’ve been quoted as “Microsoft’s Ben Thompson,” as “former Apple intern Ben Thompson,” and “batshit crazy Ben Thompson.” I actually wish the third were true, because, unlike the first two, the descriptor rests on what I […]


UPDATE: I switched it up. It’s struh tek er ee, as in strategy and tech Wikipedia: The word “strategery” (/strəˈtiːdʒəri/ strə-tee-jər-ee) was coined for a Saturday Night Live sketch, written by James Downey, airing October 7, 2000, which satirized the performances of George W. Bush and Al Gore, two candidates for President of the United […]

From an Earlier Time

Everything past this point is old posts from my old, defunct Tumblr blog (plus an article I wrote in business school that may be of interest). Honestly, the biggest reason to add them here is so the place doesn’t look completely barren to start, but there are a couple of things worth reading. I’m proud […]