From an Earlier Time

Everything past this point is old posts from my old, defunct Tumblr blog (plus an article I wrote in business school that may be of interest). Honestly, the biggest reason to add them here is so the place doesn’t look completely barren to start, but there are a couple of things worth reading.

  • I’m proud of my initial take on the iPad. It’s easy to forget now, but the iPad was very controversial when it launched. I had a couple more follow-up pieces here and here.
  • In the fall of 2010 I wrote a (very long) article about Apple and the Innovator’s Dilemma. A lot of my thinking was influenced by my internship for Apple University, as well as the extensive thought I had given to the company’s strategy both before and after that summer. I think I got a lot right, although I had to be somewhat conservative in my data, given the fact it was intended as a well-sourced report (for example, the iPad is presented as a speculative endeavor, even though I was personally convinced it was going to be a significant success and disruptive to PCs). I’d love to update this to account for the iPad more fully, and to examine if Apple is closer to being disrupted itself1, but we’ll see.

It’s good to be back.

  1. The answer is “Yes.” Hardware is good enough. The OS is good enough. The app store is good enough. That’s bad for an integrated player in the context of disruption.