The Lightness of Windows

The Windows 11 announcement was fun and interesting, but there is a reason that Windows is no longer the center of Microsoft’s business.

Microsoft Build, iTunes on the Windows Store

Satya Nadella sketched a new vision at Microsoft Build, but the company has yet to replace the Windows engine. Then, Microsoft (likely) compromises to get iTunes into the Windows Store.

Daily Update: Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event (and Project HoloLens)

Good morning, Today’s update is all about Microsoft’s myriad of announcements yesterday. I think it makes the most sense to think of the event, billed as being about Windows 10, in three parts: Part 1 was the overview of Windows 10, including the vision underlying the operating system, demos of specific functionality, as well asSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Ello Follow-up, Windows 10, Apple Watch in Paris

Good morning, The biggest news yesterday was that Ebay plans to spin off Paypal. I definitely think this is the right move, but I also suspect it’s too late. I plan to write more about it in a day or two. On to the update: Ello Follow-up I was actually surprised I didn’t get moreSubscribe […]

It’s Time to Kill Surface

“The question that needs to be asked and answered is why hardware.” To Satya Nadella’s credit, he provided not just the answer, but the question as well. And, looked at narrowly, there were good things seen – and not seen – at Microsoft’s Surface event. Having clearly failed as a mass market device, it makes […]

Windows 8 and the Cost of Complexity

PCs just suffered their worse quarter ever. From the WSJ: World-wide PC shipments fell 10% last year, research firms Gartner Inc. and IDC said Thursday, the worst-ever sales slump for the industry. Both companies have been tracking personal computer sales since the 1980s. Computer makers have been hurt as consumers and businesses spend more time […]