Twitter Earnings; Twitter Retrenches; Facebook, Andreessen and India

Twitter’s earnings had good and bad parts, and one big red flag. More interesting was the company’s decision to retrench and own “live.” Then, how Facebook and Marc Andreessen managed to screw up so badly.

Getting Amazon (Partly) Wrong, Xiaomi in India

Good morning, I had a terrible weekend. I’ll explain why — on to the update: Getting Amazon (Partly) Wrong Back up to Friday: I was pretty pumped about Amazon’s AWS numbers at first glance, but then, while writing last Friday’s update decided they weren’t so good after all. In the process I did mess up […]

Daily Update: YU, Cyanogen, and Chasing India’s Enthusiasts; New Apple TV Box

Good morning, It’s rainy here, and apparently in California as well. It’s a miracle! Sounds like a great reason to curl up and read some tech analysis. On to the update: Chasing India’s Enthusiasts I always find it interesting which articles on Stratechery take off (hello BuzzFeed!), and which kind of slip under the radar […]

Daily Update: An Interview with Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra (Part 1) on Xiaomi’s Strategy, Target Customer, and Unexpected Success in India

Good morning, A special treat today (and Monday): I was able to spend some time with Hugo Barra, Vice President of International for Xiaomi. We had a wide-ranging conversation about Xiaomi’s strategy, their target customer, success in India, how they make money, and accusations that they copy Apple. In fact, it was so much that […]

Daily Update: Xioami’s Profit, Xiaomi to Sell Air Purifier, Xiaomi India Ban Lifted

Good morning, Two quick things: Many of you have asked about how you might gift Stratechery memberships. I will have a solution for you on Friday Tomorrow my co-host on Exponent, James Allworth, will be filling in for me on the Daily Update. The content and opinion are his alone, and I suspect it will […]