Daily Update: On The New Republic, Journalism, and BuzzFeed; Uber and Portland; Uber and India

Good morning, Today’s report is a little long and little late due to some late-breaking developments. My apologies. On to the update: On the New Republic, Journalism, and BuzzFeed Anyone who follows journalism even tangentially was certainly inundated with the news about the upheaval at The New Republic. In case you missed it, a summary […]

Daily Update: Apple/China Follow-up, The iPhone in India (versus China), Buying Smartphones in the U.S.

Good morning, I apologize that today’s update is so late – I’m very much looking forward to being back in Taiwan’s time zone! Stereotypes and pattern-matching are funny things, and all three items today touch on them in different ways. The latter two updates confirm some of my suspicions about the smartphone market, but the […]

Daily Update: Xiaomi Wins on More than Price, Micromax and Local Taste, Local Brands and Scale

Good morning, Today’s update is really one big piece focused on the rise of local players in smartphones, with a specific focus on Xiaomi and Micromax. On to the update: Xiaomi Wins on More than Price Big news from China, from the Wall Street Journal: Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker with the diminutive name, became […]

Daily Update: Google I/O – Analysis on Every Announcement

Good morning, It’s the day after the Google I/O keynote, and I believe the actual presentation has concluded but I really should check to make sure… In all seriousness, this year’s presentation was actually shorter than last year’s, but no less ambitious. Like I did after WWDC, I’m going to spend this update running through […]