Tulips, Myths, and Cryptocurrencies

Did you hear the one about the tulip bubble? It’s almost certainly a myth. It is myths, though, that explain why cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

Bitcoin and Diversity

First, an exploration of the block size debate that is roiling the Bitcoin world, and then how lessons from that debate apply to diversity in tech.

About that Apple Car (and Jony Ive), The 21 Inc Bitcoin Computer

I’ve agreed that there is probably an Apple Car for a while, but I do need to make it official that I was likely wrong about Jony Ive. Then, what is the deal with 21 Inc’s Bitcoin Computer? Is there any way it makes sense?

21 Inc. and the Future of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is commonly characterized as an alternative currency, but actually the core concept has little to do with money. The potential as a protocol is massive, but only if everyone everywhere is connected to the network. 21 Inc. is trying to make that happen.

Daily Update: What is Happening with Bitcoin?, Republicans and Net Neutrality, Uber Market > Taxi Market

Good morning, Thanks for the all the positive notes yesterday about the Daily Update’s recent Xiaomi coverage. This was certainly a special circumstance, and I’m glad you all enjoyed it. Hopefully there will be more in the future. I am working on an article that touches on Xiaomi, although the main points are much broader, […]