From Products to Platforms

Apple was at its best in its most recent keynote: unveiling the sorts of products the company is uniquely capable of creating. The question, though, is whether the company has the vision and capability of making those products into platforms.

The Diminished iPad

Something very strange is happening this week: there is an Apple event, and very few people – including myself – are particularly jazzed up about it. Oh sure, I’ll watch it, and I hope I’m surprised, but there is very little in the rumor mill – a retina iMac, OS X Yosemite, and the iPad […]

Daily Update: What Consoles Say About iPads, Uber Opens API, The Samsung Nook

Good morning, Yesterday I wrote about my changing view on consoles in a piece called Games and Good Enough. As most of you may recall, last June I argued that consoles would soon be disrupted. Now I’ve changed my mind; I suspect that consoles will in fact safely own the high end of the gaming […]

Daily Update: iPads, PCs, and Minutes per Day; Apple’s Strength in China; Microsoft’s Mixed Results

Good morning, I apologize that today’s update is coming in a bit late, but I trust it will be worth it! Yesterday was a double-header with both Apple and Microsoft reporting results. I’ll take both in turn, but I think one of the more interesting takeaways comes from looking at them together. On to the […]

Don’t Give Up on the iPad

When people think about the first iconic Apple product, it’s probably the Macintosh that leaps to mind. But Apple Computer was actually built on the back of the Apple II. In fact, for quite a long while it was the Apple II that provided the profits that made the Macintosh possible, as Guy Kawasaki recounts: […]

Daily Update (2014-04-24): Apple Earnings, Capital Structure; Facebook Earnings

Good morning, In case you missed it yesterday, you can now access the Daily Email on the web and through your private RSS feed. Let me know if you have any trouble getting this set up. I also sent a separate email to Access members and Annual Daily Update members asking you to resubmit your […]