IBM’s Old Playbook

IBM has bought Red Hat in an attempt to recreate its success in the 90s; it’s not clear, though, that the company or the market is the same.

The Cost of Developers

Microsoft paid a lot for GitHub, because it had to pay directly for access to developers. It doesn’t have the leverage of users the way that Apple does on the App Store.

A Brief History of Build, The Linux Command Line, Open Source Xamarin

I know I’ve heaped a lot of praise on Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella over the last few years, but I can’t help but go at it again today. I hope, though, the subtle point I hope to make is clear: being an effective leader is about more than strategy.

WeWork Now Worth $16 Billion, Google Joins Open Compute Project

My attempt last summer to justify WeWork’s $10 billion valuation is looking pretty good, but I’m not sure I can pull off the trick for $16 billion. Plus, the brilliant strategy of Facebook’s Open Compute Project

Stratechery Gifts and Announcements, Apple Open-Sources Swift

Stratechery gift subscriptions are now available, plus an important site announcement. Then, we all knew Apple was going to open-source Swift. What was impressive was how the company went about doing it; hopefully it will prove to be an example for a clearly divided company.

TensorFlow and Monetizing Intellectual Property

Google has said repeatedly that machine learning is key to their future. Why, then, did they open source the secret sauce? Is it a mistake, or are there lessons to be learned for IP creators everywhere.