WeWork Now Worth $16 Billion, Google Joins Open Compute Project

My attempt last summer to justify WeWork’s $10 billion valuation is looking pretty good, but I’m not sure I can pull off the trick for $16 billion. Plus, the brilliant strategy of Facebook’s Open Compute Project

Stratechery Gifts and Announcements, Apple Open-Sources Swift

Stratechery gift subscriptions are now available, plus an important site announcement. Then, we all knew Apple was going to open-source Swift. What was impressive was how the company went about doing it; hopefully it will prove to be an example for a clearly divided company.

TensorFlow and Monetizing Intellectual Property

Google has said repeatedly that machine learning is key to their future. Why, then, did they open source the secret sauce? Is it a mistake, or are there lessons to be learned for IP creators everywhere.

Daily Update: Was I Wrong About Cyanogen?, Weekly Wrap-Up

Good morning, I’m trying something new: a weekly wrap-up where I touch-on a few interesting stories that I didn’t have room to address more fully. But first a bit of a brain dump. On to the update: Am I Wrong About Cyanogen? I concluded yesterday’s newsletter by writing: The truth is that for normal consumers […]

Docker and the Integrated Open Source Company

It’s been a long time since an open source project has gotten as much buzz and attention as Docker. The easiest way to explain the concept is, well, to look at the logo of the eponymous1 company that created and manages the project: The reference in the logo is to shipping containers, one of the […]

Daily Update: .NET and Microsoft’s Mobile Opportunity, New Relic Files for IPO, GitHub Enterprise 2.0

Good morning, Thank you to everyone for the kind words after yesterday’s announcement about Stratechery’s success-to-date (check out that post for an expanded version of what I wrote yesterday). As I intimated yesterday, I don’t plan on talking much more about this; I just want to think about and write interesting stuff, and I’m really […]

Daily Update: Yo, Facebook Wedge, Intel to Offer Customizable Chip

Good morning, I am working on a piece about Amazon’s new smartphone. Like most, I’m not that impressed by the phone or the price, but there’s something I’m even more concerned about (this is my best attempt at an Upworthy-type lead). Look for the piece later today. On to the (non-Amazon) updates: Yo Everyone is […]

Daily Update: Bitcoin Breached, China Cracks Down on iMessage, Tesla Opens Patents

Good morning, A big update today, so let’s get to it: Bitcoin Breached You may think that header is a bit sensational, but in my opinion it’s difficult to overstate the implications of recent Bitcoin developments. From ArsTechnica: For the first time in Bitcoin’s five-year history, a single entity has repeatedly provided more than half […]