Apple Watch and Continuous Computing

The Apple Watch’s success depends on three things: the physical design, the interaction model, and how it interacts with its environment. It’s on the right track

Daily Update: Valuation Versus Risk Bubbles, Apple Watch Reviews Drop

Good morning, A couple of days ago a bug in my membership software exposed several Daily Updates to RSS subscribers. I apologize to all of you; as I’ve noted I’m in the middle of transitioning the site to a new membership system that should address these issues once and for all. News on that front […]

Daily Update: Apple Watch’s Bad Messaging; On Meerkat, Periscope, and Bad Journalism

Good morning, There will be a new Exponent later today; James and I discussed BuzzFeed and the Brother Orange story as well as the Amazon Dash Button and Home Service. On to the longer-than-usual Daily Update. I got a little rant-y. Apple Watch’s Bad Messaging Speaking of podcasts, I was on John Gruber’s The Talk […]

How Apple Will Make the Wearable Market

Last fall, Apple CEO Tim Cook described the Apple Watch as the “next chapter” in Apple’s history, placing it at the same level as the Mac, iPhone and iPod. I get the sense that a lot of people don’t believe him; they just don’t see the need for a wearable. There is ample precedent for […]