Beyond the iPhone

Apple’s event may have been lacking on the surface, but it laid the groundwork for innovations that will be revealed in time. And yes, it was courageous.

The Remarkable iPhone 6, The Apple Watch, Microsoft Earnings

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the iPhone 6 is that Apple itself keeps getting it wrong. Plus, some observations about the Apple Watch and an appreciation of Satya Nadella.

Apple Watch and Continuous Computing

The Apple Watch’s success depends on three things: the physical design, the interaction model, and how it interacts with its environment. It’s on the right track

Daily Update: Valuation Versus Risk Bubbles, Apple Watch Reviews Drop

Good morning, A couple of days ago a bug in my membership software exposed several Daily Updates to RSS subscribers. I apologize to all of you; as I’ve noted I’m in the middle of transitioning the site to a new membership system that should address these issues once and for all. News on that front […]