Future Media Business Models

Figuring out how to make money in media in the future. Disney and the Future of TV TV is moving from a world where distribution dictates business models to one where business models need to fit the jobs consumers want done. That is the best way to understand Disney’s latest announcement. The Local News Business […]

Media and Subscriptions

The Local News Business Model Differentiation and Value Capture in the Internet Age See All

New Media

The Internet unlocks new types of media with new business models. Podcasts, Analytics, and Centralization The answer to podcast monetization is not analytics: it it true centralization, and it seems unlikely that Apple has it in them. Blogging’s Bright Future Blogs may not be the only means of expression on line, but they are a […]

Obsolete Business Models

Obsolete newspaper business models were predicated on controlling distribution. Popping the Publishing Bubble For years publishers haven’t had to worry about business models: they just captured attention and watched the money come in. Those days, though, are over: the publications that survive will start with business models and build journalism around it. The Facebook Reckoning […]

The Internet and Media

The media is fundamentally shaped by the Internet, especially Facebook. Publishing is Back to the Future Journalism cannot afford to be divorced from business realities; that applies to Australia, the New York Times, and even Andreessen Horowitz. The Idea Adoption Curve Mapping the technology adoption curve to ideas gives insights as to which business models […]