Yahoo! buying …

Kara Swisher, with YAYL (Yet-Another-Yahoo-Leak):

When Reses — who also wears another corporate hat as head of M&A at Yahoo — spoke she mentioned to the crowd that Yahoo was working on two “significant” acquisitions and about six smaller talent “acqhires.”

While making changes to Yahoo’s homepage and email, as well as cutting products, has been done, it is not yet clear what the impact is; the changes are aimed more at holding on to consumers rather than exciting them with new offerings.

Yahoo should buy Dropbox. Their pitch to consumers: “We are your home on the Internet: Your start page, your email, your files, and your pictures (Flickr).”

They have long since lost in Search (everything else on the Internet), but are uniquely placed to be the platform-agnostic provider of your most important services.

More importantly, it gives Yahoo! a clear mission and purpose, which opens the door to great marketing and the long process of winning back users. And it’s a great fit for Mayer’s background.