Line Enters E-book Business With Line Manga


Line Corporation popular messaging app, Line, has launched Line Manga yesterday. Line Manga is an extended service and a separate app from Line messaging app which allows users to read manga while on the move available both on iOS and Android. The launch brings 30,000 comics to Line’s 120 million users with popular titles such as One Piece and Dragonball available for downloads.

Users can choose to share comics on their timeline to receive 10 Line Coins per day.

One of LINE’s advantages over PC-based social networks is that it can build a platform on top of existing app stores. In this case, LINE will sell manga (and, in the future, all types of media) via in-app purchase, and then cross-promote that purchase into the LINE messaging app.

Social networks that originated on PC’s – Facebook specifically – are already tied in to their own monetization system (e.g. Facebook credits). Facebook can’t not use Facebook Credits, but Apple at least won’t let Facebook use Facebook credits in their mobile app.

This is just one of several handicaps Facebook faces vis a vis purely mobile competitors. Facebook has to make their business fit on mobile, both figuratively and literally; LINE et al are fully native, from design to business model.