Announcing Exponent, my podcast home going forward

tl;dr: My weekly podcast will from now on be at Exponent.FM. Please resubscribe.

As those of you who follow me on Twitter may know (or who heard my appearance on The Talk Show with John Gruber), I kind-of-sort-of started a podcast with James Allworth called Exponent. Unfortunately we ran into some difficulties and, wanting to have a podcast to accompany this site, I instead launched Stratechery.FM with Jon Nathanson.

However, James and I have figured out a way to move forward with Exponent, and I’m super excited to be moving forward with the original plan: Exponent (not Stratechery.FM) will be my primary podcast from now on.

I want to thank Jon for being a really great co-host; we’re exploring ways to continue to work together on Stratechery.FM with a slightly different format, so don’t unsubscribe just yet, but for now, I’d love it if you checked out Exponent (especially if you decided Stratechery.FM wasn’t for you). Exponent will be the podcast that I do weekly.

This week we recorded a fresh episode focused on Apple’s (alleged) acquisition of Beats. I think it was really interesting, and absolutely builds upon the piece I wrote earlier this week. James is quite the skeptic, and echoes the concerns of many of you.

Topics covered include:

  • The rationale for the acquisition
  • The difference between making and recognizing market opportunities
  • What makes Apple uniquely capable of building revolutionary products
  • Apple’s previous responses when threatened in music
  • How to think about mergers and acquisitions
  • How to best motivate employees

You can find the episode here.

To reiterate, this is a separate podcast from Stratechery.FM, so you will need to resubscribe. I apologize for the back-and-forth, but I think Exponent has a chance to be really great, and I hope you check it out.

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